The Research Initiatives for Social Development is dedicated to offer the following services :

Enumeration: We offer well trained and highly experienced enumerators

Tablets for Data collection: Researchers and evaluators can hire tablets from RISD for their data collection

Projets and Programs Evaluation: RISD offers full accompaniment to Evaluation Specialists by availing well trained enumerators, contributing to evaluation tools development (questionnaires, software), data analysis and report writing.

Support Scientific Research in all domains by availing research assistants

Conduct polls on communities issues (development, social services delivery and quality, etc)

Capacity Building: RISD is a leading Organization in training data collection teams in research methodology, using the digital equipments in data collection, ethics in research based on their enormous experience

Language teaching: RISD has a language training Center where we train spoken and written English, French, Swahili and other DRC local languages

Translations and Interpretation: If you need professional translations and interpretation of your texts, Discourses and Conferences, RISD is your best option in Eastern DRC.

Implementing Development and Research Project: Based on our enormous experience in development and research, we also implement research and development projects.

Unemployed Youth Empowerment in professional skills: RISD engages in the capacity building of the Eastern DRC unemployed youth. We collaborates with professional training centers to refer the youth for professional skill training.

Costs of services: download our service rates.